Friday, July 1, 2011

CORRECTION: Harris County to pay mother of mentally ill man $3 million

CORRECTION: A previous posting incorrectly listed TLC staffers associated with this case. The case was tried by: Kent Spence, Rafe Foreman, Susan Hutchinson and Grant Lawson.

HOUSTON -- Harris County will pay $3 million to a woman whose schizophrenic son died while he was in the custody of deputies.

Shirley Nagel sued the county after her son died in 2005.

Precinct One deputies were serving a mental health warrant and said Joel Don Casey resisted. Deputies Tasered him 18 times and his hands and feet were bound.

The medical examiner said Casey died from psychotic delirium and heart disease that was impacted during the restraint.

Nagel won her suit in 2009 and the county appealed, but an appeals court upheld the ruling Tuesday.

Read the article here.

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