Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Perfect Powwow

By Frank Fox, on the 2011 Sleeping Lady Washington Seminar

As tall pines and towering peaks beckon above
An owl hoots, a moose calls, a creek talks
Listening, your spirit lifts in the mist

At the end of a winding path
A spinning tale invites you in
Entering, your heart hears

Stories of loss, sorrow, fears, tears
Opening, you take them in
Touched, you understand

It's inspiration, imagination, germination
You absorb, grasp, grow
Still, you seek a saga

Re-enact, reverse roles, double
Explore the unspoken,

Oh, there's the story!

You find food too – too much, too good, too missed
And over coffee, in conversations, amidst connections
You share fights well fought, bond lives well lived

Day and night you discover your and others' stories
Seeing the overlooked, touched by an unknown
You feed the child within, the tribe outside

Breathing, listening, smiling, laughing, crying
You feel the blessed curse of feeling
Relish and grow warm

Then, you gather with all in the Chapel
And in a circle with the Chief
You witness the voices of growth and gratitude

For whether in the end it was "Good Bye" or "See Ya"
It was always Sleeping Lady
Leaving you an ever more awakened soul.

Frank Fox

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